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06 december 2017


Sinds 2 jaar is jonkman fotografie aktief met panoramafotografie in Europa.dit jaar op de Lofoten in Noord Noorwegen 14 dagen gefotografeerd met o.a. het Polarlicht.Ook veel in Duitsland gefotograf lees meer...

24 december 2016

Gezegende kerstdagen en een gezond 2017

Gezegende kerstdagen en een gezond 2017 lees meer...

05 oktober 2016

foto op aluminium van 1,4 mm dun

Afgelopen maand op het nieuwe schip Dianthus een foto op aluminium geleverd op formaat 150 cm  x 65 cm.Dit is de allernieuwste techniek waarbij de foto  gesublimeerd wordt op het a lees meer...
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Who is Arie Jonkman?

Nautical Photography, Technical Business Reports, Nautical and Technical Photography

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Professional Photographer Arie Jonkman

Arie Jonkman has worked 25 years as master on an inland tanker, shooting photographs was mostly hobby at that time. Professional photography has gradually emerged from that hobby. Since the year 2000 Arie Jonkman is working as a full-time photographer and different shipping newspapers publish his photos every week.

Arie is self-taught and know to apply the digital techniques of today: editing photos, create compilations with logos, the design and manufacture of company presentations with a combination of photo, film and sound, night-photography, etc.

The professional equipment with which he works produces magnifications of 10 meters or even more.

Arie Jonkman works with state-of-art digital camera's, but the analog panoramic camera (film size of 6 x 17 cm) is still in use!

On this website you will find an impression of photo-works and corporate presentations, which are created in recent years for customers at home and abroad.

Technical photography: wheelhouses, engine rooms, production units, components, and ships on location in different countries, etc.

Roundshotpictures (360º): navigation bridges, homes, factories, malls, gardens, etc.

Panorama photography: Skyline, night shots with long shutter speeds.

Photography from off-shore-pov is possible at each location

Video productions in high definition quality.

New: Extreme panorama magnifications up to 30 meters (!) of your town, village or square, city skyline, etc.

Framing: Picture 's are printed through an 11 color photo printer (Epson 9900) and professionaly framed if desired. The photos are fixed on PVC-base before framing, so they don't deform in the list. Delivery time: within two hours!!

Jonkman photography is a versatile media company where you can find opportunities for all photo and movieworks. A nautical background in combination with years of professional experience in photography are the key to a top product for your company!º